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Julie Elias - Unbroken Unbroken BUY

"Unbroken" is the story of moving forward through the songs of Julie Elias on her latest 12-song EP. Ranging from upbeat pop rock to heartfelt ballads, each song is inspired by a specific event in her life yet relates to all of us: betrayals, heartbreak, regret, forgiveness and more - and how God helps us get through it once we choose to trust Him. 

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Topic Driven Concerts

Growing up is hard...and doesn't get easier. Teens need to know there is a foolproof way to overcome any obstacle: their relationship with God. Putting God at the heart of their actions NOW will help them get through all the challenges they face in the future and could save them from so much confusion, hurt, and frustration. By focusing on specific topics, Topic-Driven-Concerts serve as not only a single great event but are designed to equip and inspire students long after the concert has ended!

Julie has prepared a 60-75 minute concert with a live band featuring worship, interaction (including a skit sent to you ahead of time to give your more dramatic students to prepare!), original music and a brief talk on a specific topic. All students will receive a 16-page color booklet that goes into more detail about the topics from a Biblical perspective, as well as free download song cad. Meet and greet time either before or after the concert with the students is included.

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